Welcome Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Stamford!

Thank you again for the opportunity to be with you and to capture your beautiful families.  All the photos that I have uploaded to my website are high quality photos so that you can print any size enlargement - no limits.  If you would like to have all the photos in your gallery, you can purchase the Digital Photos for $75 and make your own prints as you wish!  This is the best value for the money.  If you do prefer, you can order cards, prints and more items directly from my website and it will be shipped to your home!  

Please contact me at any time with any questions you may have.  You may view your photos by clicking on the links below.  You may contact me or Kirsten for your password.  

I hope you enjoy the photos, and more importantly, your families during this upcoming holiday season!

All the Best to all of you!
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AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-5AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-5 AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-31AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-31 AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-63AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-63
AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-80AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-80 AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-102AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-102 AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-146AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-146
AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-204AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-204 AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-215AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-215 AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-264AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-264
  AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-28AnastasiaBPhotography - Annunciation-28